Jummah Mubarak

Today we started our day off by going to the Mosque. It is Friday so we have Jummah prayer service at our local Mosques. Today is also February the 14th also known as Valentines Day!

Our boys were off from school today so we took all of our kids to Jummah prayer. I think everyone in the community also felt the need to do this as well because the Mosque was full capacity.

There weren’t any parking spaces available so we had to park over at a near by parking lot and walk over to the Mosque. It wasn’t such a bad walk as the sun was shining but it was still a bit nippy in the air.

I was able to catch part of the prayer service in the Ladies area because there was room available but the Men’s area was completely full.

Hence my husband and boys weren’t able to pray. We quickly left to go to another Mosque nearby because my husband wanted to be able to pray with the boys today.

At the 2nd Mosque the boys were able to pray. After this we were quite hungry so we stopped by a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch. We didn’t really have any plans today so we took our time to enjoy our food.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays by following the trend. We don’t do excessive gestures for kids or each other just because our calendar says we have to. Going out to lunch or dinner together and enjoying each others company is one of our favorite things to do.

Our children are aware that we do things for them all year long and they appreciate that. I feel like before having our children we were excessive to a certain degree. We would do things for one another such as buy gifts.

As our family grew we began to limit gifts for every single occasion and have recently adapted the idea of saving our money to travel and to experience memories together.

I wish we had this mind set before our children came along but unfortunately we were young and inexperienced. There is this saying that as we get older we become wiser. Well that’s exactly what is happening.

Gift giving is perfectly fine but it should not be used to buy love. I remember that my son would be upset about not getting him something that his friends parents would get them.

I explained that we get him things all year long and don’t wait until that special holiday like some families do. My son understood what I was saying and he was like you are right Mom!

Don’t wait till February 14 to remind someone you love them, or a birthday to buy them the something expensive. Show them love unconditionally, all the time. Life’s just short for this kind of stress.

Our bellies were way too full from lunch, Alhumdulillah! I am so grateful to Allah for my Husband as he never made up feel like we are short of wanting anything.

He works extremely hard and tirelessly to make sure his children and wife and happy. He does this all year round, each and every single day. So having 1 day to appreciate our loved one’s is just not enough.

We needed to walk off all the food we just ate so I asked if we could go to Costco! I love Costco because they have some amazing things which was really good quality.

I have had my eye on a certain trash can for some weeks now. I was finally able to get it! We were super stoked about scoring a great deal on that!

We are back home now and just spending the remainder of the evening doing laundry and catching up on odds and ends.

Soon the day will be over and so will Valentines day which won’t come back until next year. That doesn’t mean that we will stop loving and cherishing those dearest to our hearts. Make each day count. Life is Short!