About Us

Hello! Welcome to The Official Hossain Family!

We are a dynamic family of five and the faces behind The Official Hossain Family & House of Hossain. Emran the Brainer, Sonia the Dreamer, Eshan the Gamer, Erad the Scientist & Ilana the Manager!

We are the Author of www.theofficialhossainfamily.com & http://www.youtube.com/theofficialhossainfamily

Eshan, our oldest child – loves video games. Erad, our middle child – loves Science & Learning. Ilana, our youngest child – loves Rainbows and Unicorns.

We love sharing our family life and adventures! These online platforms allow us to let our creativity shine by doing something we are passionate about and love!If we are not on social media we are probably catching up of life. We are probably making messes, avoiding laundry & clean up or just being lazy.

We are passionate about helping other’s grow. We love choosing creativity, family centered, faith filled and joyful living even with all the crazy. Love making our House into a Home!

Our social media platforms showcases our food and lifestyle and all the fun chaos going on in between. We are real foodies and appreciate all types of cuisines! We love trying out new things and being adventurous. We love to travel and explore new places.

We are not professional cooks – just a Husband and Wife team who have big dreams and passions. We love creating and re-creating magical moments for our loved ones.

Our goal for The Official Hossain Family and House of Hossain is to connect with like mined people from all walks of life. We want to share experiences and the beauty of life. We strive to inspire others & we want you to grown with us. Some days can feel overwhelming but we should never give up.

One thing we have discovered through the use of social media is that there is a niche for everyone. There is a community who will support, inspire & provide endless encouragement. We hope the we can guide others to reach for dreams and make the impossible – possible.We are so excited and grateful for those of you who have found your place among us!

Some days can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. We can easily feel like we aren’t doing enough. We’ve been there so we know, you are not alone. At the end of the day the chaos will be worth it. Trust Us & Trust in Yourself.

We wish we could all eat desserts around the kitchen table all day long and laugh over our chaotic lives together. That would be so much fun! We strive to always be genuinely authentic, real & humble.We appreciate all of you support, love & prayers. Keep Cooking – Your Family is Worth it!

Lot’s of Love.

The Official Hossain Family