About Me

Hello! I’m Israt Jahan – Everyone knows me as Sonia!

Author of www.theofficialhossainfamily.com

I’m Married to my Love, Emran. We have three adorable little angels – Eshan, Erad and Ilana.

My oldest child loves video games. My middle child was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and loves Science. My youngest loves Rainbows and Unicorns.

I love sharing our family life and adventures! My blog is a place to let my creativity shine by doing something I’m passionate about and love!

If I’m not on social media I am probably catching up of my life and being an adult. I’m probably cuddling up my sweeties, avoiding laundry, rearranging furniture and over-gramming.

I’m passionate about helping other mama’s grow emotionally. I love choosing creativity, family centered, faith filled and joyful living even with all the crazy. Love making our House into a Home!

My blog will show my readers my style of writing and all the fun chaos going on inside of my head. I strive to celebrate motherhood. I want to make my readers feel like they are talking to their girl friend. Come over with your kids, let’s drink coffee & eat treats together in my kitchen while we talk about life, marriage, food, kids, motherhood!

I do DIY projects and cook yummy food (at least I think so). I have a dream of becoming an author of my own cook book one day. I love creating and re-creating magical moments for my loved ones. I want them to experience and feel the beauty of life. I live with a big imagination + I strive to inspire others & stay humble!

I am guilty of making deserts because I love sweets and bread. Some days it can feel overwhelming, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My children bring so much joy into my life. I love GOD and my faith above all. I have re-introduced myself to my faith and basking in it’s glory.

One thing I have discovered through the use of social media is that there is a niche for everyone. There is a community who will support, inspire & provide endless encouragement. I hope the I can guide others to reach for dreams and make the impossible – possible.

I have social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and My Blog. You can subscribe to all my platforms and we can all become instant family! I appreciate all of you support, love & prayers.

I am so excited and grateful for those of you who have found your place on my blog! Some days motherhood can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. We can easily feel like we aren’t doing enough. I’ve been there so I know. At the end of the day the chaos will be worth it. Trust Me & Trust in yourself.

I wish we could all eat desserts around my kitchen table all day long and laugh over our chaotic lives together. That would be so much fun! I strive to always be authentic and real.

My blog will host recipes we love and so much more. I hope you all enjoy and we become great friends!

Lot’s of Love.