Trust is such a huge factor in any relationship, especially in Marriage. I believe strongly that we should work on building trust within our marriage. It is one of the secrets to making or breaking a relationship.

Marriage bliss doesn’t happen overnight. After the honeymoon days are over we come back to reality and realize that not everything is sun shine and rainbows. As the days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years – we get caught up with our lives. We forget that our partners are there and don’t give them the special treatment that they deserve. We just know that they are there – always – in the background.

The distance – staying late at work and hanging with friends become the new normal. Then one day we end up with a crisis on our hand when one partner decides that the marriage isn’t working out. The frustration which built over the days, months and years end up leading us down a much darker path.

To avoid all this we should never for a second take our marriage lightly. Everyday should be a reminder that our partners are special. They vowed to be apart of our life. Everyday must be a sacrifice. Both partners must sacrifice. Both partners must commit. Both partners must trust one another.

Making a marriage work takes blood, sweat and tears. The road to a successful marriage is pure and simple hard work. It takes both partners to equally commit and be each others mascot. Be each others friend, a should to cry on and to share all the joys.

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