National Emergency

Today it was announced that there is a national emergency due to the corona virus pandemic. What do you guys make of this? To be completely honest I am a little scared about what is happening and how no one around the world has any idea on how to handle this virus. China is blaming US Military for introducing the virus into their city. Is this some type of propaganda? I don’t know and I don’t think the time is right to play the blame game.

Now is the time for everyone to come together and figure out a game plan. Many people in the USA are living paycheck to paycheck. One of the things going on in all of our minds are how will we pay our bills if we are not able to go to work? I find that our government should announce that there is a nationwide freeze of paying bills such as rent, car payments, credit card bills, student loans to name a few – until this crazy situation comes under control.

My boys are on spring break this week and we were a bit nervous about sending them to school on Monday but we received an email from the school district today. They let us know that we have 1 more week off of school. That was a relief to hear since we were debating if we were going to send the boys to school or not?

I had an early morning doctors appointment for my boys today. They had to get their yearly physicals and my 11 year old received 3 shots plus blood works. He wasn’t a happy camper. He was crying because he was doesn’t like getting blood work done. Poor baby fainted the first time he had to have blood drawn and he’s just been spooked after that experience. Well he got thru it and didn’t faint on me. My 11 year old is a taller than I am and heavy set so if he fainted, I wouldn’t be able to lift him up.

After that we went into Wal-Mart and my goodness I’ve never seem the store so bare. The medicines, soaps, household products and food/liquids are close to empty. That really gave me a shocker but I was able to get 3 ozark water bottle cases, which I took. I picked up some pancake mix and syrup because that’s what we are going to survive on! I also picked up panko and bread crumbs – I have no idea why – I guess I was thinking I will be making my kids a bunch on chicken nuggets.

I’ll figure it out eventually but in the mean time I’d stocked on breadcrumbs. I picked up some Ritz crackers and Mozzarella cheese and 1 tub of ice cream. I really didn’t follow any lists – I was blindly shopping this day because what ever I got my hands on I loaded it in my shopping cart. Not the best or smartest way to shop but if I take 2 seconds to think “Do I need this item?” someone has already snatched up the item! My Heavens People!

As we were driving home the roads were quite empty. Only those out of necessity are out and about. Other than that – no one is outside. It seemed like a ghost town. It was unnerving. I made a bee line for my home and we just took all of our groceries inside. I organized everything on a shelves with the help of my children. We were able to knock out that chore fairly quickly!

My husband and I have been following the news for a few weeks now and we have started to get some of our ducks in a row. We started out by stocking up on food items. Dry good and items that have long shelf life. Gallon water bottles, dry crackers, pasta are some of the items we stocked up. Did any of you start storing your necessities? What items did you all buy or didn’t buy? Let me know .. We’ve got the free time now until the national emergency is lifted!

In the meantime, everyone be safe & hug your loved ones at night. Good Night!

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