Corona Virus Preparation

This is getting really serious! I’m in Texas and you guys I’m starting to get scared. About 30-50 miles from my home there has been a case of someone infected with the Corona Virus and those individuals are self quarantined in their home.

My husband is freaking out. Our main source of income is in the travel industry and with the airlines cutting off flights, people are not traveling as much. The business is at an all time low and we are concerned that this can have a domino effect. We are concerned about how we will be paying for our bills. Which bills will be a priority on our list. One thing for sure that we have to pay our rent no matter what. We are thinking about cutting back on paying credit card bills to just basic minimums, if even that because there isn’t much we can do – when we aren’t making an income.

I wonder how many Americans are in similar situations. I know that we have been dealing with our rents sky rocketing compared to our incomes. Overall the homes in our area have increased in rent. Apartments are asking for the same rent as a single family house. We are stuck in this mess of a situation because we are trying to find some place to call home but everywhere we look – no matter if the homes are older or newer – the rent is insane.

It’s so frustrating for us at this point. Unless we uproot our family to some remote countryside – we will have to endure this insane living express. It’s so difficult especially when situations like this corona virus shows up and every business or source of income for us seems to be closing.

We deal with people on a daily basis, travelers. If we don’t have travelers going from point A to point B, then our income isn’t generating. We can’t run a family or pay bills in this situation. We decided that we need to invest in a small chest freezer because we don’t have a ton of square footage in our 3 bedroom apartment. I have to spend the day trying to shift our furniture layout so we can fit the chest freezer.

We figured we should stock up on essentials before the stores run out. Today our first goal is to find a chest freezer under $200. Then we are going to stock up on Meat and Poultry. Just to be prepared in the event that vendors stop supplying and the local stores fall short on those items. We also want to be cautious that we are getting Meat & Poultry now before the virus spreads to such a degree that our meats get contaminated. We won’t be able to tell if the meats are uncontaminated at that point and people could be selling them without knowing it.

I know some people who aren’t even worried about this virus but just watching the news and seeing how our towns business has become very slow for this time of year is quite shocking!

Are we taking it over board trying to prepare in advance? I hope not but I don’t want to get caught left behind when the markets are out of supplies like food which will last us for some months without spoiling. I have been starting a stock pile since last year so I have dry goods like cereal, spices and other dry food items. Now we are thinking to expand on what we have and stock up frozen food. I was thinking to get a few canned beans and vegetables as well just incase fresh produce falls short in the markets.

I hope everyone is taking this virus seriously. It’s gotten us a little shaken because we have never experienced something like this.

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