Back from Camp!

Yay! My oldest is back from camp. He has been gone for one week and I missed him terribly. None of my kids have been away from me for this long of a time and especially on their own. I was quite aprehensive about how he would be at camp on his own.

I have always been their for my kids – they have never been apart from me. I even get anxious when I let them have sleep overs at their grandmothers house. Yes, I’m that kind of parent. I am a bit over protective about them.

Well this camp was a big leap of trust and faith. I guess as parents we over think and analyze things when it comes to our kids. I am kind of happy that I took the leap and let him go. My eldest son is 11 years old and in 5th grade. This year is the last year in elementary school and this field trip is something that the kids look forward to as 5th graders.

Eshan was definitely tiered when he got off the bus but he came back with a wealth of information. He was full of stories and he went out of his comfort zone to experience new adventures. Eshan is not the adventure and outdoors loving kid. He is your typical gamer. He loves this PS4 and loves the online gaming world. He always complains when we go out to nature trails or stay out of the house longer than a few grocery runs.

So this child of mine went on to do things that I am quite astonished to hear and see in the pictures that the teachers and chaperons are posting on the facebook group. Eshan said he climbed 4 miles up the the hills and in the rain. He was muddy, wet and cold but he hiked all the way to the top. He said it was worth his the blisters on his feet and aching legs.

He also did archery, canoeing and horse back riding – just to name a few of the adventurous experiences. He even told us a tale of Devil’s Island and Hell’s Gate! Who is this kid?!

I was stressing that by baby wasn’t home especially with the corona virus at large – but this experience was really good for him. I was amazed to learn that he had to use his bare hands to get bark off of a juniper tree to make a fire!

I have never had an experience like this while growing up and I haven’t been on a school field trip like this for that matter. I am happy that he was able to be apart of this adventure and he has learned a little about survival without his parents there to coddle him. This camping experience was beneficial in so many ways. I feel that he has gained a certain level of appreciation of all that he has at home and how life is in the wild without internet and hot showers.

The rugged wildlife – tracking through a downpour – knee deep in mud. It’s totally frightening to think about my 11 year old out in the wilderness in such situations. I feel that as parents we tend to baby our kids and turn them into incompetent adults as they grown up. They don’t have any experience on survival or other real life matters. This experience was quite an eye opener and very enriching to my son’s future.

I am pretty sure that he will never forget his experiences this week. He was thrown off a horse, twice! Yet he got up and tried again on a different horse, a mustang. He was able to do the horse back riding! I still can’t believe that this is mu child we are talking about. Getting our kids to do things and participate in activities that are out of their comfort zones allows them to see and learn from hands on experience.

I am happy that he’s home safe and sound. He has the weekend to rest his weary and aching muscles. He also have a few blisters on his foot – so I have treated those and we will let him heal this remainder of the week. We don’t have anything exciting planned the next week so it’s going to be pretty low key for him. That way he can recover.

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