Corona Virus – Stocking Up our Pantry – Part 2

Our second store was Patel Brothers which is an ethnic grocery store. We purchased lintels and dry spices. We also picked up some frozen paratha that we could fry up and it would be a warm meal with what ever we have around. Frozen paratha should be a staple in every household.

It can be eaten with savory curries or sweet dishes. My 8 year old loves to have paratha or any type of flat bread or tortillas. So when we run out of flour tortillas and I didn’t have time to make fresh homemade tortillas – I just reach into my freezer and pull out a couple of frozen paratha’s and let them thaw and heat them on a fry pan. This is also very helpful on days when I am super duper busy or tiered and I just don’t have the energy to make anything from scratch.

As my family has grown, my method of ways for having meals ready for my family to eat has also evolved. I tend to find myself looking u ways to freeze meals or prepare meals ahead of time. To make my life a lot easier and make sure my family is fed in a timely manner. We have cut back on eating out significantly. We have come to realize that we were sending an average of $60 dollars eating out as a family and that is just one meal. I would come home and realize that I didn’t cook that day and I don’t have anything prepared for the other two remaining meals.

We started to use this money from dining out to put into buying groceries. It was a difficult transition but everything that we take out of our lives, we do them slowly. One day at a time, we don’t just say we will stop doing something and completely put a halt to it. This mindset always backfires and we would go back to eating out because the other option of cooking and preparing was difficult and time consuming.

Another reason that we slowly took out eating less at restaurants was because of our health. We weren’t feeling great – we slowly started gaining weight. It was a bad habit – it was an easy habit to fall into. We weren’t active other than living our daily lives, doing our daily routines but we didn’t exclusively work out. I’ll be honest we don’t like exercising. This started to show as we gained weight and over all we weren’t feeling good.

We started implementing little lifestyle changes. We started with food. It seemed the most easiest way we could change our lifestyle as a family without leaving anyone feeling hungry. I slowly began incorporating more fruits like bananas into our kids daily meal. At least once a day – the kids must have one fruit of their choosing. My kids like bananas, apples, strawberries, green grapes, oranges, cantaloupes, watermelons, and blueberries. So these few fruits are readily available in out home now depending on which fruit is on sale that week.

Another thing they seem to like are potatoes, cucumbers, baby carrots and corn. I like to keep a stock of potatoes cucumbers and baby carrots whenever possible for easy snacking. These are preessiable items so we have to venture to the super markets to re-stock these things.

Our next stop was at Wal-Mart where we picked up some non food items like batteries, socks, hand sanitizers, bleach, Clorox wipes and similar items. We also picked up a few packets of cookies to add to our stock pile, instant coffee, fizzy drinks and frozen Cornish hens.

Since we have been stock-piling little by little since last year – we didn’t do anything extreme and just picked up essentials. We set out to get a lot of store brand products because we would save some money this way. Buying store brands can also help with those of you who need to start a stock pile for your family and don’t have tons of money to just dish out on the name brand items.

When it comes to feeding our families – the costs add up. We don’t want to ever get to a point where we aren’t able to afford our groceries. I have come close so many times it’s not even funny. I will be honest I am bad a budgeting. I am learning from my mistakes when I only had one child and I had a job. Now I’m a stay at home mother with three little mouths to feed, plus my husband and myself with just one income.

Living frugally was not by choice, it’s just become a lifestyle. We enjoy when we can but try to not suck the fun out of living life either. We still take our kids out to eat but it’s a treat these days. With the scare of the corona virus we are a little nervous.

There was a couple who was on the cruise ship with the virus who were quarantined and now they are released. They live where we live and it’s just kind of scary to think that even though they were cleared and tested negative – that they could still be infected. One woman was released as well when she tested negative but later found that she was actually carrying the virus. These individuals are just walking around our community – possibly eating at the same restaurants or going into the same supermarkets has everyone on edge in our community. Hence why a few day’s ago – the customers with piled high water cases and paper towels started stocking up.

I now understand this and the emergency risks involved. Which is why we are prepping for any emergencies where we don’t need to leave the house under any circumstances. It’s always good to have a game plan when you have kids and a family to think of.

I remember when it was just my husband and I, we never gave these things a thought. We never considered what we would do in an emergency. I hope you all are taking precautionary methods in case of emergencies. Protect them the best way we can and everything we do is because we love them.

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