Corona Virus – Stocking Up our Pantry – Part 1

The corona virus is giving us the scare. I went to Sam’s Club a few days ago with the kids after school and I saw a lot of customers piling their flatbed carts with water cases and paper towel rolls. I didn’t give it much thought as I figured water and paper towels must be on sale or something. Everyone has their carts full – I mean really full, reaching over my 5’3” frame. I hope you get the picture.

I found it kind of funny as I was walking out of the store. Now two days fast forward – the news of the corona virus is giving us a bit of a scare. Like many American’s we got on the bandwagon fast and decided we needed to stock up on some essentials. That way we don’t have to be out in public crowds and mass gatherings. This would lessen the exposure to our family in the event that someone around us has the virus.

My husband and I were never into the emergency prepare ahead plan before. We always brushed it off thinking it’s not going to happen to us or we are not close to the incidents. I feel that now with my father-in-law’s passing last year, we became aware of death and how suddenly our lives can change. We kind of became adults and left out fantasy land. I guess losing a parent does that to you.

We went to three different stores. Our first stop was Sam’s Club. We purchased a few bulk items that would be useful such as flour, sugar, brown sugar, cereals, pasta, pasta sauce and water cases just to name a few.

This year I have slowly started to build a stock pile panty. That way I have things on hand when I need them or when we are low on budget and don’t have the funds to go out grocery shopping. I’ve realized that I can go into my stockpile pantry and pull out items to make a meal out of for my family.

My husband and I are also planning on investing in another chest freezer. We currently have one. It is 5.0 cubic feet in size. For our family of 5 we don’t have enough space to stock up frozen food. Our fridge in a two door with upper housing a cold freezer with an ice making capacity and the lower part is the fridge. It is quite small for our family.

Unfortunately this is a standard in our apartment so we just have to work with it. It would be crazy to haul around a few freezers and a stand alone fridge when we move from apartment to apartment. They also they up precious square footage which is why we only have our small chest freezer. It’s compact enough, easily transportable and not an eye sore.

I currently have it in my older son’s bedroom. It is a bit weird but it’s out of the way and don’t distract too much. So we basically need another chest freezer so I can have 1 fridge for meats only and the other for frozen meals and non-meat related items.

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