Boom! It sounded like something just blew up! I was so jarringly awakened this morning. My eyes just popped open and I just lay there starting at the ceiling with my heart pounding out of my chest and wondering what was that? Waking up so suddenly from deep sleep, that is just not so fun.

My husband was like what was that? It sounded like thunder. I relaxed just a bit and my eyes drift back to sleep when my 5am alarm starts going off annoyingly and every 15 minutes after that. Today is so not going well. It was 15 minutes until 6am and I was tempted to not send my son to school today.

I just didn’t want to deal with the rainy day and waking my son up and sending him to school in this rain. My husband – always the supporter – coaxed me into getting out of bed and getting our son ready for school.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought – My husband held my sons hand and walked him out the door – together into the pouring rain. My son was hesitating but his Dad was telling him that he could do it. Cheering our son along.

I didn’t write the last couple of days, I know I said I would every morning but I lied. I am still trying to get over this mess of losing my voice. I still sound like a frog. I need my voice back. I have just been trying to get some cleaning done around the house. I feel exhausted from doing too much work so I have to take it a little easy. Little by little I got a lot of chores done.

I try not to let things pile up for too long but when I’m not feeling good – I just let the chore sit until I get my sudden burst of energy and motivation to tackle the unfinished projects. Yesterday I pushed myself a bit and was a little light headed. I almost fell asleep on the living room couch before putting my kids to bed at 7pm.

I went out and cleaned up our patio. I swept the patio, rearranged the planters and planted some marigolds and zinnia seeds into the overhang baskets. I also threw in some radish seeds. This year my patio garden is a bit lagging. The weather has been dreary and cold. I am not getting much sunlight in my patio so it’s always in the shade this year. I don’t want to waste precious seeds by planting too early this year I made that mistake last year and I lost a lot of plants because they wouldn’t germinate.

I hope you all have a great day!

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