Ear Wax Update

I wanted to hop on very quickly today and let everyone know that I was able to successfully remove the ear wax from my 8 year old’s ears. He had some ear wax that was pushed in deeper within his ears. I was always taught to use Q Tips to clean our ears and that’s exactly what I’ve been passing down to my children. Until recently I noticed that my 8 year old was expressing that he couldn’t hear. He would run to the bathroom to get himself a Q Tip and try to clean out his ears. He seemed frustrated and moody because his ears were clogged and he couldn’t express his feelings to me. When I tried approaching him- he didn’t want my help and I backed off just letting him be – he was already worked up and I didn’t want to escalate the issue. This went on for a few years! I am ashamed to admit.

Since he was 2 to 3 years old – he would tune us out. I didn’t understand at that time that one of the signs of an autistic child would be that he would be living in his own head. He wouldn’t hear us when we would try to get his attention. He didn’t respond like a typical child would. He didn’t make eye contact or turn his head to acknowledge that he heard us.

When he was about 6-7 years old he would get sick constantly. He would always get cold sores and his nose would bleed. His nose bleeds have been quite sever at times. The blood flow would not stop. I would just have him get in the bathtub and run the shower because just applying pressure with a few tissue papers weren’t cutting it.

He would also get upset and frustrated that his nose bleeding wasn’t stopping and crying and screaming would put more pressure on his nose. He was a trooper though. We had our battles and some days we were able to easily get through with stopping the nose from bleeding so much.

Whenever he would have the sever nose bleeding, I knew that he would get a throat infection because he swallowed some blood. He was always snorting his nose up. I always thought his nose was stuffy which most days they were. He would cover his ears or rub on the outer shells of his ears like there was this ringing inside of his ears. That’s what I thought but in actuality his ears were full off wax which was deep down inside his ear canal. This was what was bothering him all this time!

He was never able to tell me. I did have a little suspicion and took him to get his ears checked when we went in to visit his pediatrics. I figured it might be an ear infection causing him to get sinus issues and rubbing his nose sets off the nose bleeding also. The pediatric would always tell me that his ears were okay when they took a look inside of his ears with their instruments. We went home thinking since the doctors said his ears don’t have an infection and his ears looked good – nothing to be worried about. We weren’t any wiser. My son continued to touch his ears and rub on them from time to time. It never came to my mind that there could be another reason for his irritation.

This year I finally decided I needed to do something and I really hate myself for not thinking about doing this before. Honestly I was scared to preform any type of home remedies because I didn’t want to hurt my baby boy. I was just kind of exhausted to see him in such discomfort. Every time he is snorting his nose up his hands are furiously rubbing his ears as if he’s trying to get something out. I noticed this action a lot the last few days and I finally decided I had to figure out what is bothering his ears.

At first glance you can’t see anything in his ears – they looked clean, which was why I never thought there was more to this then meets the eye. I went on YouTube and looked up how to clear ear wax on children on a hunch. It was one of those mommy sixth sense moments. I was quite amazed at how many videos were available with parents using different techniques to clean out the ears of their kids.

I was a bit nervous as this was totally something very sensitive – any wrong move could possibly damage my child’s hearing. I watched countless videos of parents cleaning out their child’s ears and I finally worked up the courage to order a cleaning kit from amazon. I waited to get the delivery 2 days. I waited until it was Saturday and my child was in a good mood. We made it into a game. I had him lie down on his bed with his head on a pillow. I got a little rubber dropper that we use to clean an infants nose. Mine was new and I sanitized it in boiling water.

I sucked up some hydrogen peroxide into the rubber dropper and squeezed in a few drops into this ears while trying to keep him calm. I was talking to him the whole time. I was telling him to just lie very still, I will go super slow, I am not going to hurt him. My kit came with a pen light. I had my 11 year old son hold the pen light while I used my left hand to hold his head and use my fingers to hold his ears taunt. I took a look inside – straight into the ear canal. I was shocked to see the hard lump of wax deep down his ears just blocking his ear. My poor baby. I felt like a horrible parent – that I didn’t look into this sooner.

After I put in the hydrogen peroxide the wax became slightly soft. I used the metal scope to gently pry out the wax. My son was quite tense, which is understandable. He has an unfamiliar object poking around in his ears and its a natural reaction to shoo the irritation away.

It took us a few tries and he did cry a little but I was telling him to take deep breaths and just to relax and not to tense up. He was quite tense and his shoulders were bunched up and very stiff. I took a little wax out at a time and showed it to him. I showed him the wax I took out of his ears – I explained to him to let me take it out the yucky wax from inside his ears – he would feel so much better. We continued with this back and forth for about 30 minutes – I was always mindful to be as gentle as possible and not to poke deeper that necessary. At one time he did cry out loudly and I was about to have a heart attack because I thought I hurt his ears drums. I could swear I was barely holding myself together since I was as nervous as he was.

I gave the kid a hug and wiped his tears and we went back to it – a bit more hydrogen peroxide and I scrape out a bit more wax. I did this for both his ears. When we were done I showed him the wax that I took out of his ears. He was excited to see them – I know its a bit gross but hey what ever method works to appease and calm my child I will do it. Even if it means to do a full google analysis of ear wax with him.

After I removed the wax I shined the pen light back in to check if there was any more wax inside. There were just a little more inside the walls of his ears but it was so much better than before. I didn’t scrape everything out because I wanted to let my son relax because he was already been through the difficult parts. We can give it a shot another day to clean out the remainder bits of wax. I shined the pen light back into both his ears and saw the difference, his ear canals were visibly clearer.

After I’ve cleaned the kit up and sanitized all the tools. I asked my son how he was feeling? I kept asking throughout the evening if his ears hurt and can he hear better now?

Oh how I wish I had discovered that I could do this ear cleaning method at home years before. My child has been suffering all this time from clogged ears. He wasn’t able to tell me what was bothering him and I didn’t understand where he was hurting. I always figured something is just bothering him and making his moody, angry and upset. He was in those moods again and he would cry or yell and have a tantrum. I just figured it was part of the autistic behavior.

I kept a close eye on him without being too obvious – I’m an over protective mother hen. I don’t know how I became like this but oh well, I guess it’s good. I kept on asking gently here and there without sounding like a parrot – which I normally am with him – repeating constantly – he said he could hear – his ears weren’t hurting – he was feeling fine – YES MOM! WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY?! — okay .. I got it .. Mommy can take a hint when his voice is rising! He can hear better now. I am just making sure I didn’t do any damage with my little doctor experiment. A mom can’t be too sure. Ya feel me!

The last two days he’s been doing amazingly. He was more playful and very talkative and he seemed like a totally different little boy. He was calmer and he wasn’t running to the bathroom for a Q Tip or ferociously rubbing his ears.

I sent him to school today – I hope he has a good day today.

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