Ear Troubles

Erad he has been complaining about his ears this morning. He kept snorting his nose before leaving the house this morning. I’m thinking that he has mucus in his nose and he’s just super stuffy.

It was actually his ears! They are clogged up with earwax and I tried cleaning his ears but he wasnt having it this morning. Especially right before going to school – he was about to have a meltdown!

I was trying to help him clean his ears but he wasnt having that. He wanted to do it himself. He was trying to clean his ears with Q tips. The Q tips were just pushing the ear wax further into his ears. I was able to tilt his head and look inside his ears. I saw the big dry piece of ear wax quite deep in his ears.

I remember that last year he was complaining that his ears hurt and we thought that it was an ear infection. We took him to the pedestrian and they looked in his ears. They said he had some build up and recommend I get an ear wax removal drop. So I had that in my arsenal of a medicine kit. I put a few drops in this morning before he went off to school. We had to sort of pacify him because he was on the verge of a meltdown.

I was praying for him to have a good day at school today and without any incidents. While my husband took the boys to school, I hit up Dr. YouTube. I watched a few videos on how to remove ear wax at home. Wow & Ewww!

I was blown away by the number of videos on ear wax removal. People actually make videos on removing ear wax! Not complaining since I am searching for that very thing. Very informative although it was a bit gross to watch on one cup of coffee.

I soon gained knowledge that I would need some specific tools to do this ear wax removal treatment at home. There seemed to be many ways of extracting the ear wax. I found the most safes was to use the hydrogen peroxide to make the ear wax gummy. Then I would get my special tools which I ordered on my friend Amazon.

I have to wait 1 day with my Prime delivery but we will do this tomorrow. As I’ve pretty much got myself a PH.D on ear wax removal and will soon have the tools to preform the surgery.. I’m a bit anxious. I hope he will let me treat his ears.

He will have to have to be very still and I will need to be efficient in this extraction. I have it all planned out. I plan to keeping him happy all day and in a playful mood.

I hope I am able to remove the ear wax that way my son can feel some relief. I feel like he is having a lot of sinus issues due to the ear wax build up in his ears.

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