No Sick Day for Mommy!

This morning I could barely make it out of bed. My head is throbbing and my throat just died on me. I’m guzzling hot liquids to no avail, just some temporary relief. I took an allergy medicine last night before hitting the sack and right around 1:30am – my darling 3 year old is calling from her room to come lay down with her.

I’ve got laser ears when I sleep when it comes to hearing my kids by the way. To the rest of the world I sleep like the dead. So I groggily stumble my way to her room – halfway there I realize I need a blanket. I go back and get my blanket since it’s freezing overnight. Maybe I just feel this way because I’m a reptile and always cold no matter the weather.

I have weird body temperature up and down moments. When it’s sunny and hot out I’m cold – When it’s cold out I’m still cold. Never the happy camper! I should muster up the energy and take myself off to go see a doctor today but the thought of just doing that takes too much energy.

I did the majority of lunch and dinner prep last night after the kids were fed and homework done. I had a few hours of free time so I utilized that to prepare for today. Since I realized that I would be feeling worse in the morning anyway. I feel less stressed this morning since I don’t have to go slave away in the kitchen today.

I have that dreaded meeting with the teachers today. I don’t know why I get so worked up right before a certain event. I make myself stressed out sometimes. Do any one of you do that?

I figured since the kids are off to school this morning I would sit and hatch out boring life out on here while I still have the energy. I’m going to go lie down after I’m writing this. My dry raspy and bruised throat can’t take much more coughing. It’s giving me a headache. I really should go to the doctors today and get this checked out and make sure it’s nothing serious. Hopefully it’s just a common allergy and minor cold that accompanied with being that time of the month of us females. Yea I got it bad.

I noticed that if I put of writing until the end of the day – I don’t get it done – I’m exhausted and can’t get my brain to work up the necessary words to start writing. I am beginning to skip days and that is a bad habit. So I figured a new strategy was needed. I am now going to write in the mornings while I am still high on my first up of coffee and my mind is rationally working.

Did I say I needed to go lay down and rest – I will be going to meeting my kids teachers after school and then go back again for open house. The joys of motherhood – no time to be call in sick.

Have a Great Day!

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