Seasonal Allergies

I was perfectly fine 2 days ago but something got into my throat while I went to pick up the kids from school. It’s been irritating my throat all day yesterday. This morning my throat is dry as sandpaper. I’m having difficulty swallowing. I know what’s coming. The dry coughs lead only to one thing.

I am going to sound like a frog the next few days or a couple of weeks. I love spring, summer and autumn for that matter. I’m not a winter person – as I get older my bones can’t handle the cold. I sound older than I am. Ha!

As I was saying I love those three seasons but they all bring along with them some seasonal allergies. I haven’t gotten sick all winter but as soon as the pollens start up and I step outside – I catch something in the air right inside my throat.

It’s this speck thats so irritating and it’s just stuck right there in the middle of my throat. I can’t cough it out and it’s scratchy. I am starting to sound like my little kids – that’s exactly how I am feeling right now.

What do you all do with allergies? I took an Allegra but I don’t think it did any good other than my nose dried up.

I am giving this pain in my throat 2 days .. that’s it .. I will throw down the gloves and we are going to take it outside. I have a parent teacher meeting Thursday. I need to be able to talk about some serious parent teacher stuff. So bring it on allergies – You have 2 days to get out of my life.

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