Sensory Issues

The last few weeks and days the weather in Dallas, TX has been wacky to say the least. We are experiencing severe changes in the weather. Not just recently we experienced four different types of weather in one single day.

That day started out with tornado sirens blasting in the neighborhood all morning and the skies were black. We experienced heavy winds, then snow by 3 pm and back to clear sunny skies by 6pm. A normal person would not be able to understand what they just experienced.

One thing that I noticed in my 8 year old is that he is quite sensitive to different textures and feelings. I went to pick him up from school one evening just a few weeks ago and it was raining. I never noticed before how the rain was an issue with him.

It’s not the concept of rain but the issue that the rain makes him wet. His jacket became wet and his backpack became wet. He stepped in puddles and his sneakers were wet and his socks became wet also.

This is something new that we are experiencing. I know from past experiences that my son was sensitive to eye contact, taste of different textures in his mouth, and quite sensitive to sounds. He still shows these signs but not as prominent as when he was a toddler. These signs appear when he is agitated and he’s having a rough day.

Each child is different – the way they behave or express themselves are totally unique to each individual. There isn’t one person alive who is autistic and the same.

I hope you all are having a good day and enjoying these little articles of mine. I know they aren’t anything amazing. I’m just a mommy trying to find an outlet to express my experiences with my autistic child. I sit here after the children are asleep and take a deep breath and begin to write something about my day and what I’m dealing with.

If anyone has any recommendations or tips for me – please feel free to share your thoughts. Every little piece of advice is beneficial.

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