Typical Mom Day

Today has been super duper busy. I wasnt even sure if I could muster up the energy to write a few sentences tonight.

My bones are aching. My nerves are shot. My shoulders are aching from stress and running around all day long. I havent brushed my hair all day long or washed my face.

Our morning started off good. My boys eat their breakfast and my 8 year old was in a good mood. These kinds of mornings I am happy.

After the boys left I sat down to do some work on the computer while the chicken defrosted in the sink. I always have to think a few hours ahead.

Afterschool lunch had to be prepared before the boys came home. I went to pick them up from school and boy was Lady weather not feeling it today. The weather went from sunny 70’s to low 40’s in the span of a day – no few hours ..

It started raining and Erad, my 8 year old was not having it. He didnt like his jacket or shoes getting wet from the rain. Hm. How do I avoid a situation that I can see will escalate within a few minutes?

I told him to wait in the car while I ran home and got an umbrella.. I go back outside and become the mother duck – tucking by boy under the umbrella as I maneuvered to get him into the house without getting wet. Well he still got wet because he ran from under the umbrella.

The whole situation was unavoidable.. I knew it was coming. He was going to have one of his moments. I just let him kick his shoes off and drop his coat on the floor. I’ll circle back later to put the shoes and coat away after he calms down a bit.

I gave the kiddos their lunch and continued my preparation for dinner. I was feeling exhausted by 7pm. My baby girl is a ball full of energy. She has been bouncing around from sofa to floor.

A mothers intuition is never wrong because I kept telling her not to jump or climb up on furniture. A few seconds later she jumps again and falls face first .. no .. nose first on the arms on the sofa.

I shut off the vacuum and hurry over to her as I see her nose dribbling blood. Just GREAT. I carry her to the bathroom and rinse her nose with cold water. Her nose began swelling up. I am hoping that tomorrow the swelling goes down.

I get her calmed down. Then I’m finishing up my vacuuming – get all the dishes wash and dried and put away. By 8pm my body is sending out alarm bells. I’ve been pushing myself too much today. I still had to get my son to do his writing homework.

Oh boy, I was dreading it. I was debating with myself if I should just deal with getting my son to work on his writing homework in the morning before school. I talked myself out of it. I’m not risking it. So I coaxed and joked my way into getting him to finish his writing homework. Yay success!

Now it’s 10pm and I’ve got my children fed, washed and tucked into bed.

Did I mention that my body was begging me to let her rest. The relief that comes after washing my face and brushing my hair is so nice. Feeling peaceful and I’ve accomplished a lot today…

Update: I just realized I fell asleep last night – which is why this is article is posted this morning. =)

Love – the Exhausted Mommy

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